Magically Vanish Your Axtell
*Magic Drawing Board
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    The Axtell Magic Drawing Board (you know the one...a drawing of a face comes to "life" with moving eyes and mouth) is a great piece of entertainment, but it lacks a strong climax (the magic is over once the eyes move and board starts talking). The Drawing Board Vanish allows you to end your Drawing Board routine with a STRONG, MAGICAL ENDING by vanishing the entire Drawing Board before your audience's eyes. It is a surprise climax that generates instant applause from the audience, and the ultimate companion prop for your Axtell Drawing Board.     

THE BASIC ROUTINE: An attractive display frame on an easel displays the blank Magic Drawing Board until the routine. Remove the Drawing Board from the frame and go into your normal routine with the Drawing Board. At the end of your routine, return the drawing board to the display frame (#1 below)...cover it with a cloth (#2)....remove the covered board from the display (#3)...carry it towards the audience (#4)...with a flick of the wrist the board vanishes under the cloth (#5)!


Here are two easy ways to add The Drawing Board Vanish to your existing Magic Drawing Board routine:

    Performance Idea # 1: If you have the drawing board "sing" or talk to a pre-recorded sound track, you can have the music or voice over get "muffled" or quieter when you cover the singing board (as a voice would naturally get muffled and quieter when covered with a cloth), and then the music can abruptly stop the moment the board vanishes. The instructional DVD that comes with The Drawing Board Vanish includes details on how to easily gimmick your standard drawing board so the mouth stays open, even after you let go of the board to put it into the display frame. This allows the audience to see the board still "singing" when you cover it with the cloth - a nice subtle magical addition.

    Performance Idea #2: If you are a ventriloquist you can get into "argument" with the character on the board. Having enough with the character's bad attitude, you cover the board with the cloth in hopes that it will keep him quiet. The cloth only works for a second, as the audience can still hear the character from under the cloth. Frustrated, you pick the covered board up and carry it towards the audience (you can have the character voice continue to come from under the cloth as you carry it). You finally get the last word in as you silence the character for good by vanishing the board.

    The Drawing Board Vanish was originally developed for theme park shows. It has been audience tested and refined for over 7 years to create a final product that works smoothly every performance. With your order, you will receive the special display frame, folding easel, cloth, and an instructions DVD. Axtell Magic Drawing Board is NOT included. The Drawing Board Vanish will work with your existing Axtell Magic Drawing Board or you can purchase an Axtell Magic Drawing Board directly from Axtell Expressions.

*This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with Axtell Expressions, creator of the patented Axtell Magic Drawing Board.

  • Works with both the standard and remote controlled drawing boards from Axtell Expressions (drawing board is not included).
  • Can be performed surrounded and with the audience just a few feet away.
  • Perform on a stage or in a living room.
  • Everything packs small and is lightweight - perfect for entertainers who travel.
  • The unique easel folds to 18" x 6" but instantly pops open to almost 6 feet tall.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction will last for years of shows.
  • Custom colors and graphics available for an additional fee. Please email us your requirements if interested.

"You will love the response you get by vanishing the drawing board. If you own the Axtell Drawing Board, you need The Magic Drawing Board Vanish."
-James P. Sitka., magician/ entertainment producer, USA





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